If Anyone You Know Buys Almond Milk, Tell Them To Stop – Here’s Why

Almonds are incredibly healthy and provide numerous health benefits, as they’re full of protein, antioxidants, beneficial phenols, flavonoids and healthy fats.

Almonds are a wonderful food that adds nutrition to your everyday diet. However, as a milk alternative, store-bought almond milk is not as healthy as many people think.

Recently, it was revealed that almond milk producers are really cutting corners when it comes to the percentage of almonds that make up a carton of almond milk. In fact, it turns out that half a gallon of almond milk contains less than a handful of almonds.

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90% of people who completed this program lost over 12LBS in a week. Try it HERE or click the image above

One analysis of European almond milk brand Alpro revealed that almonds make up a measly 2% of the total drink. The rest is made up of water, sweetener, carrageenan (a thickening agent), and added A, E, and D vitamins.

To feed your body the nutrition it gets from a handful of almonds, you would need to drink an entire carton of almond milk, not just one or two glasses. This explains the low amount of calories in it, as a cup contains only 30 calories, while a serving of almonds has 160 calories.

Even choosing the finest almond milk that money can buy in the store, it still shouldn’t be mindlessly bought, as it won’t be produced from sprouted almonds.

Almonds contain natural enzyme inhibitors, which allow the almond to survive a period of time until it receives moisture, which then releases the enzymes so it can come to life.

Soaking almonds for 8 hours helps release those enzymes and effectively “sprouts” them, which makes the almonds much more digestible and alive. This not only releases the nutrients and allows the body to absorb them correctly but also helps eliminate digestive issues that come with many nuts.

These facts are little known, as the almond milk industry continues to profit from year to year.

In 2014, White Wave, a plant-based milk company, reported that their sales in the first quarter had increased 50 percent over the previous year’s totals. Therefore, it is expected that as sales grow, this year, the industry will net 1.7 billion dollars in sales.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to stop buying this mixture of water, additives, sweeteners and a few almonds.

In the end, with a decent blender and a nut milk bag (or another straining device), you can make an organic homemade almond milk for approximately the same price as store-bought milk, and at a much higher quality due to more almonds (and freshly sprouted) and no unnecessary added ingredients.

The following video will provide all the necessary instructions on how to prepare your own homemade almond milk, which is much healthier than the commercial variants. To enrich its flavor, you can also add cinnamon or a bit of vanilla extract.