Cheyenne Rae Owensby is a walking miracle. She was born a healthy and happy child and means the absolute world to her mom. Cheyenne’s parents were separated and so she visited her father every second weekend. But one day back in August 2012, when Cheyenne’s mom dropped her off at her dad’s place for the night, something horrible happened.


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An hour and half after dropping Cheyenne off, her mom receives a terrible call — a call that changed her life forever.

Cheyenne was just eight months old at the time. Her father, James Davis Jr., grabbed her and shook her because she wouldn’t stop crying. The adult’s strength was too much for the baby and ended up fracturing her skull and causing bleeding on her brain.

The desperate mother was informed that her daughter had been flown to a nearby hospital and that she was no longer breathing.

The horrible news that came from the hospital to the mom was that Cheyenne would require long-term care for the rest of her life and that she would remain in a vegetative state: “Between crying so hard I was shaking and throwing up, I was begging God to please save her or to take me instead. Right when I got by her bedside — seeing her covered in bandages, IVs everywhere, her leg was black from a blood clot, she was so swollen — my phone rings and it’s the cops saying James confessed to shaking her.”

“The man I was in love with, my first love, high school sweetheart, a guy I had known and shared a life with almost 10 years did this to OUR daughter. My whole world came crashing down.”

Cheyenne’s father confessed to what he did. He simply “lost control” and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. But while he sat in prison, the mother continued to fight for Cheyenne’s life. The doctors said that she would not survive the night. And that if she did, she would have to spend the rest of her life in a minimally conscious state.

But then a miracle happened: even though half of Cheyenne’s brain had to be removed, the little girl actually woke up! She could still speak and move, but the right side of her body was paralyzed. Nevertheless, she didn’t seem to lose her joie de vivre and wasn’t going to give up despite her disability.

In the meantime, Cheyenne has grown up and now enjoys her life to the fullest. When you look at her smile, you can’t believe what once happened to this sweet girl.

Cheyenne’s mother writes regularly on Facebook and updates her friends and family about Cheyenne’s progress. But what is most important to her is that everyone knows: “Be careful who you trust your children to!” Share this poignant message with everyone you know. It might save a life.

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