How One Woman Cured Her Autoimmune Disease With Natural Remedies

My Experience With Drugs

I should know. I have an autoimmune condition — secondary progressive multiple sclerosis — that put me in a tilt-recline wheelchair within three years of diagnosis.

I went to the Cleveland Clinic and saw the best MS specialists there and at the University of Iowa. I took the newest drugs, including the biologic autoimmune drug Tysabri. And for 7 years, I kept getting steadily worse.

But as I was getting worse, I started studying the basic science research and began experimenting upon myself. I discovered the research on epigenetics, how diet and lifestyle can switch genes on and off. I learned more about meditation, exercise, electrical stimulation of muscles, and a lot more about nutrition and the microbiome.

I discovered the Institute of Functional Medicine and began taking their courses on treating the root cause of poor health.

In 2007 I was too weak to sit in a regular chair. I could walk 20 yards slowly with two walking sticks. I suffered from profound fatigue and brain fog. Then I started a diet and lifestyle program designed specifically for my brain. In just three months, the brain fog was gone. So was the fatigue.

After six months I was walking easily without a cane and after a year on the new diet and lifestyle program, I did an 18-mile bike ride with my family.

Turning to Natural Remedies: My Autoimmune Diet

My understanding of disease and health was transformed. I changed how I practised medicine, now focusing on using an autoimmune diet and lifestyle changes to my own disease and other neurologic and psychiatric disorders with remarkable success. I conduct clinical trials, testing my protocol in others with progressive MS, with remarkably positive results.

Our therapeutic lifestyle clinic treats people with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, asthma, fibromyalgia, neuropathies, diabetes, chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, mood disorder, fatigue, brain fog, and memory loss with remarkable success.

90% of people who completed this program lost over 12LBS in a week. Try it HERE or click the image above

90% of people who completed this program lost over 12LBS in a week. Try it HERE or click the image above

What your physicians are not telling you is that the symptom reduction from the potent biologic drugs is often temporary. Those drugs are very big business, bringing in billions of dollars each year to insurance companies. But those drugs do not get to the root cause of why immune cells attack a person’s body.

Your physician is also not telling you that autoimmune diet and lifestyle changes are often much more powerful than drugs at stopping disease progression and can even lead to regression of symptoms. Within weeks of making changes to their diet and lifestyle, our patients report less pain, better memory, and more energy. Are you willing to try these changes for a month to see what they can do for you?

If you want to learn more about the autoimmune diet and lifestyle program I used to recover from my disease and now use in clinical trials and in my therapeutic lifestyle clinic, visit If you want to dive deeply into the protocol that I use, consider attending the Wahls Protocol Seminar, a three-day seminar that happens every August.