Baby videos. They are about as popular as cat videos these days. And why shouldn’t they be? Who doesn’t love to watch thirty seconds of baby cuteness to start their day? It’s a win-win for everyone, as babies simply make us feel good and we can’t help but smile.

Now, take your average cute baby video, throw in an extra baby and make the two of them bald. Now we’re talkin. As you’ll see in the video below, a set of bald baby twins takes the cuteness level up a notch,especially when they stuff a bunch of mini marshmallows into their mouths.

And don’t fret…dad is right by their side the entire time, making sure they don’t get into too much trouble.

The video starts out with one of the toddling twins retrieving a bag of mini marshmallows from the kitchen cabinet, as the other plays in the background. When the marshmallow-carrying twin has trouble opening the bag, dad offers to help him out. He instantly marches over to dad for assistance and just as the bag is being opened, the other twin emerges from the background, ready to join in on the marshmallow party.

Dad places a handful of marshmallows on a plate between the twins and they go to town stuffing them into their tiny little mouths. They are obviously enjoying the tiny white balls of gooey sugar because they don’t stop until the plate is clear. In between bites, they clap their hands and flail their arms, showing their excitement for the tasty treats.

When they finish off the marshmallows, one of the twins shows dad the sign for “more,” rapidly firing her fingers against her hands, in hopes that he will fill the plate for a second round.

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The marshmallow twins have made quite the name for themselves and people everywhere are indulging in the cuteness…

“I love how smart these two are. Stripes bangs on the plate and is like hurry up and put those marshmallows here!!”

And people always feel good when they get a chance to witness the innocence of a baby…

“I never want to have kids, but I love how babies react to the simplest of things in life: they are so innocent and adorable!”

And others have picked up on a little conversation that the babies are having with their dad…

“I heard clearly. She said “WE LOVE THEM” hahahahahaha.”

“Omg how are babies even real!? They are too freakin cute to exist!!!”

And once again, a cute video is making people want to have their own set of twins…

“I wanna have twin babies like those cute little two.”

“One of the most endearing and best baby videos ever.”
And then of course there are those who like to offer advice…
“They are so cute. But please take care, kids may swallow such things completely without chewing that can be dangerous.”
“Omg I’d be terrified that they choke. Even when I give my 3 year old niece candy such ad marshmallows or gummy bears I make sure she only has 1 at a time.”