Family issues urgent warning after nasty accident with lawnmower – helps us share their appeal

July 4, 2017 is a day the Sullivan family will never forget. It’s the day their tranquil summer was shattered and their garden was turned into a bloody nightmare.

Unfortunately, it was the family’s three-year-old son Roan who was the victim of a truly horrific accident. According to his parents, it looked like Roan had stepped on a bomb.

The “bomb” proved to be a regular household tool, however, one that sends three children to the emergency room every day in the United States.

Team Roan

It was a lovely summer day in July when Sean Sullivan began mowing his lawn. He used his motorized lawnmower for the job, one that was hefty, robust and reliable.

Son Roan, 3, often sat on his dad’s knee while he cut the grass. The mower was associated with plenty of father-son memories, and so on July 4 he did the very same.

Little did either of them know, however, that particular day was destined to be different.


Sean had allowed the grass to grow longer than usual, and so there was a fair amount of it to be cut. After a time, mom Melissa took Roan and his little sister inside whilst Sean finished up.

Roan was thirsty and so got something to drink. His sister, meanwhile, went to take a nap.

After Roan finished drinking, however, he ran outside again. From there, everything happened fast. Before Sean knew what was happening, his young son had ran into the lawnmower’s path.

Team Roan

Sean Sullivan recalls the day himself:

“It was actually the only possible moment that he had a chance to sneak out without us seeing him,” he told WTVR.

Sean was nearing completion of the lawn, glancing to the left and turning to the right.

Then Roan appeared before him. Everything happened in the blink of an eye, even though the mower wasn’t moving at high speed.


The devastated parents can’t remember exactly how they removed the boy from under the lawnmower.

What they will never forget, however, is the sight of their son. They say he looked like he’d stepped on a bomb; as though he could die in their arms at any moment.

Somehow they removed him from the machines rotor blade, threw him in the car and rushed him straight to the emergency room.


Sean remembers how grateful he was to see a room full doctors, the “angels” who did all they could to save his son.

After receiving emergency care, Roan was transferred to the Children’s Hospital in Richmond.

He had to struggle through many tough operations, as well as the amputation of his right foot.

Team Roan

Sadly, Roan’s case is far from unique.

Dad Sean, who continues to wrestle with sickening guilt, believes there will never be a day when he does not feel wretched over what happened to his son.

Now, the whole family is keen to spread awareness concerning the potential dangers associated with these types of lawnmowers.

Team Roan

It only takes one second to change your child’s life. Lawnmowers like these can cause serious harm to you and your child, so always be aware.

According to the Amputee Coalition, more than 600 children a year undergo mower-related amputations each year, with over 800 being run over by riding mowers or small tractors.

As per British newspaper the Daily Mail, meanwhile, it appears 69 Americans are killed by lawnmowers each year. To put that into further perspective, only two are killed by Jihadi terrorists.

Team Roan

Fortunately, today Roan is on the mend. He faces every day with strength and positivity, even though the accident almost cost him his life.

Mom Melissa believes higher powers are to thank for her son being given a second chance. Even so, the skilled surgeons and doctors must be celebrated!

“Every person who has been part of his recovery is an angel and their names are engraved in my heart forever,” says Melissa.

The fantastic support has helped Roan come back stronger than ever. However, not all children will be so lucky.

Team Roan

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